• About Us

    CardioCommand, Inc. is the leading innovator of medical devices that perform temporary cardiac monitoring and pacing by integrating patented electronic technology with electrode catheters in the human esophagus. The Company's products have been used successfully on tens of thousands of patients. Over 20 leading institutions throughout the country and internationally have performed clinical trials and written articles in leading medical journals, affirming the effectiveness of CardioCommand's products.

    The Company's premier product lines are transesophageal atrial pacing (TAP) systems, which exploit the close proximity of the esophagus to the left atrium of the heart. This close proximity allows a physician to use an esophageal catheter with electrodes in a noninvasive procedure to temporarily pace the heart, monitor the heart's electrical activity, or perform cardioversion of certain cardiac arrhythmias. CardioCommand has two product lines available for sale, servicing the Cardiology Electrophysiology Testing, Cardiology Stress Testing and the Anesthesia/Surgery markets:

    1) TAPSTRESS, used in cardiac stress testing, provides features for accelerating the heart for nonexercise stress testing. The TAPSTRESS System also has applications in electrophysiology (EP) testing for performing both diagnostic recording and therapeutic cardioversion procedures at the bedside or in the EP lab.

    2) TAPSYSTEM™, used in anesthesiology/surgery, provides cardiac pacing and esophageal ECG monitoring during and after surgery.

    CardioCommand's products have 8 key product benefits that differentiate them from existing technologies, primarily drug methods or invasive pacing methods:

    Better heart rate control from the use of an esophageal catheter and stimulus generator that enables the physician to raise the heart rate to the desired rate within seconds, compared to the various and delayed responses that alternative drug and other temporary pacing methods produce;

    Increased accuracy with clearer heart images is achieved during nonexercise cardiac stress echo testing by using TAPSTRESS as compared to the commonly used cardiac stress drugs;

    Few side effects occur with TAP products, unlike drug methods, that often cause too rapid or too slow of a heart rate, serious arrhythmias, hypo and hypertension, dry mouth, restlessness, delirium, nausea, urinary obstruction, etc.;

    Faster, better cardiac stress levels are reached in seconds vs. many minutes for drug methods, and the patient does not require a long recovery period, as is required with drugs (~30 minutes) to ensure that the drug effects are gone after stress testing;

    Safer, noninvasive TAP does not require any invasive surgical or intravascular procedures or significantly alter the body's chemistry as with drugs;

    Cost-effective because TAP is priced competitively with other methods and yet has many added benefits - fewer side effects, less time, more rapid response, etc. - benefits that mean less cost in use than drugs or other pacing methods, including expensive and risky intravascular catheterization;

    Easier to use because the TAP procedure is noninvasive and involves only a few steps;

    Portability and compact size allow TAP to be performed anywhere in the hospital, including the patient's room, or on an outpatient basis, increasing convenience and reducing the use of expensive hospital resources such as EP labs and stress labs. Nonexercise stress testing can now even be safely done in the physician's office; improving availability and potentially physician reimbursement.

    CardioCommand, Inc. is a privately held company and has been providing innovative medical devices to clinicians since 1994.

    In addition to manufacturing its own products, CardioCommand provides Contract Manufacturing Services.  To learn more, click here.