• Anesthesia

    Using TAPSYSTEM™

    CardioCommand's TAPSCOPE provides the monitoring features of a standard esophageal stethoscope (heartsounds, core temperature), with additional options of atrial pacing for intraoperative management of hemodynamic (when connected to the 2-A Stimulator) and recording of esophageal ECG (connected to EC-View™ adaptor).


    Theory of Operations:

    The Model 2A generates cardiac stimulation pulses which are administered to the patient's heart via the TAPSCOPE 550, an 18 Fr esophageal stethoscope with bipolar pacing electrodes. All circuitry is contained on a single printed circuit board mounted behind the front control panel. When the power switch is toggled to ON, DC power from 2 D-cell batteries is applied to a power regulation circuitry, a DC-DC converter, and a rectangular pulse forming circuit with a constant current output stage whose amplitude can be varied over a broad range of load impedances.