• TAP Technology (Transesophageal Atrial Pacing)

    Clinical Indications

    CardioCommand, Inc.'s patented transesophageal technology puts you right next to the heart with a revolutionary noninvasive solution that delivers unprecedented temporary heart rate control.

    Scientifically validated in over 250 clinical studies and in routine daily use in many U.S. hospitals, this breakthrough technology is changing medicine as we know it. For the anesthesiologist, heart rate and blood pressure now can be restored almost immediately, without drugs and worrisome side effects. For the cardiologist, non-exercise stress echocardiography tests can be conducted in half the time as compared to dobutamine stress echo, in the convenience of the cardiologist's office. And electrophysiology studies show that transesophageal pacing can be used to both induce and terminate many SVTs in pediatric and adult patients, avoiding anesthesia and more invasive procedures.

    And temporary atrial pacing is only the beginning. In fact, studies show that CardioCommand's esophageal ECG can play an important role in the noninvasive diagnosis of abnormal left atrial electrical activity, useful for safely identifying patients for ablation of focal atrial fibrillation.

    Far more than a new alternative, this is safer, faster and more cost-effective care . . . precisely what caregivers need to optimized outcomes in the face of the rising incidence of heart disease and related chronic conditions.