Transesophageal Cardioversion and Defibrillation

Direct Conversion of Atrial Flutter to Sinus Rhythm with Low-Output, Short-Duration Transesophageal Atrial Pacing.

Ajisaka H, Hiraki T, Ikeda H, Kubara I, Yoshida T, Ohga M, Imaizumi T.Clin Cardiol. 1997 Sep; 20(9): 762-766. The effect of low-output, short-duration transesophageal atrial pacing (TAP) on the conversion of 31 patients with paroxysmal atrial flutter (PAF) was investigated. Sixteen patients (52%) were converted directly to sinus rhythm and 12 (38%) to atrial fibrillation. Transesophageal pacing was ineffective in three (10%) patients. The patients who had a direct conversion to sinus rhythm had longer flutter wave cycle lengths than those converted to atrial fibrillation (248 vs. 221 ms, p<0.005). No patient had complications and complained of any symptoms. Thus, low-output, short-duration TAP was useful to convert PAF directly to sinus rhythm without side effects.

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