Transesophageal Electrophysiology

Incidence of disorders of heart rhythm and conduction in idiopathic mitral valve prolapse.

Mokrievich EA, Iurenev AP, Nikulin IA. Kardiologiia 1990 Sep;30(9):35-37. Out of 99 examinees, 78 patients had mitral valve prolapse of various degree. The control group included 21 individuals without the prolapse who had the same clinical signs. All the patients underwent Holter monitoring and bicycle ergometry; diagnostic transesophageal atrial pacing was performed in 26 examinees. Rhythm and conduction disturbances were shown to occur as frequently in patients with mitral valve prolapse as in the controls. For diagnosing extrasystolic arrhythmias, it was recommended to apply Holter monitoring to detect paroxysmal supraventricular tachyarrhythmias and to employ transesophageal cardiac pacing to find accessory pathways.

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