Transesophageal Cardioversion and Defibrillation

Therapeutic value of esophageal stimulation. Factors influencing the results in flutter and atrial tachysystole.

Chabert JP, Metz D, Chapoutot L, Doucet J, Laudinat JM, Elaerts J, Blaise C, Bajolet A. Hopital Robert-Debre, Reims. Ann Cardiol Angeiol (Paris) 1991 Feb;40(2):69-74. The aim of this prospective study was to identify factors predicting the efficacy of atrial stimulation by esophageal route in 57 nonselected patients between 37 and 88 years of age and admitted for intensive care due to flutter or atrial tachycardia. It was impossible to perform the procedure correctly in 4 patients. The restoration of sinus rhythm was achieved in 28.3% of cases at the end of the procedure and in 47.2% of cases after 24 hours. These results were influenced by the duration of the arrhythmia, the underlying cardiopathy and the diameter of the left atrial, but were not affected by the stimulation parameters.

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