Transesophageal Pacing for Temporary Heart Rate Acceleration and Management of Hemodynamics

Transesophageal pacing.

Andersen HR; Pless P. Pacing Clin Electrophysiol (United States), Jul 1983, 6(4) p674-9. A new lead-electrode for transesophageal pacing of the human heart has been developed. The heart can be paced from the esophagus using currents of the same intensity as those for temporary pacing electrodes. The lead allows the electrodes to be positioned properly in the esophagus with a gastric balloon without use of additional equipment. Noninvasive atrial or ventricular pacing can thus be established quickly, even by non-specialized physicians. The method has been tested on a group of 13 healthy volunteers. Both atrial and ventricular pacing were performed without discomfort. The method opens new diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities with transesophageal pacing techniques.

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